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Kissing Krystal
Kissing Krystals will be the hottest item this year ! Each comes with a hangtag that tells the legend of the Mistletoe. Keeping with old fashioned traditions the legend explains where the tale of kissing under the mistletoe began. This is the perfect gift for friends and family and also a beautiful accent for decoration.

The Mistletoe Kissing Krystal which features a very large acrylic ornament in a teardrop shape , which is garnished on top with a beautiful, mistletoe floral piece. The Kissing Krystal will also come with a decorative hangtag with the Legend of the Mistletoe, creatively printed with attractive artwork on the back of the hang tag.

Here is the legend of the Krystal Mistletoe: "Kissing under the mistletoe is an old European tradition. It is believed that the mistletoe holds magical powers from the "soul" of the mightly oak tree. It grants strength, peace, health, fertility and love to those who kiss beneath it".

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