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Think Outside The Bag!

Clipa is the ingenious purse hanger that keeps your purse off the ground. Simply clip it to your handbag strap and leave it there.

Whenever you need to hang your bag, open either end of the Clipa. It instantly hooks onto table edges, chairs, doors, rails, and carts and holds your handbag securely. Holds up to 45lbs.

Use it in restaurants, outdoor cafes, bars, restrooms, sporting events and more. Clipa is so convenient, one hand is all you need. The patented clip system closes automatically every time. Just "grab and go."

Ideal For:
Restaurants & Bars
Outdoor cafes
Cubicle Walls & Meetings
Sporting Events
Concerts & Theaters
Salons & Spas
Airplanes & Cruise Ships
Casinos & Poolside
Strollers & Shopping Carts
No polishing is required
Wear it as a bracelet or bangle
Pull a scarf through it to dress up your bag

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